[Review] A Shaun The Sheep 2: Alien Friend - Sheep happy again

4 years of silence since the success of season 1, A Shaun The Sheep has officially returned and continues to bring audiences a funny and fun entertainment, even though over 1h30 minutes there was no any lines in the movie.

The script is simple and easy to understand
If in the first season that premiered in 2015, Shaun and his gang tried to go to the city and rock the city jubilantly; Shaun seems to be "wholesome" this time but gets to know a more special friend from somewhere on the planet that no one knows where.Lu-la - a very lovely girl who is lost from an alien planet to the earth, accidentally falls into a sheep cave and meets Shaun intelligent and mischievous.

Despite their differences in languages, or more precisely, the two could not communicate with each other, Shaun and Luul still became close friends and went on exciting adventures together to find ways to bring Lu- shouting back to his homeland, while also avoiding the intense pursuit from the mysterious "black shirt organization".

A Shaun The Sheep 2: The alien friend is a silent film, so the audience will not be able to hear any lines from the characters in the movie including humans. However, the script is extremely well-built, and the audience from adults to children can understand exactly the situation and emotions of the audience through the actions of the characters and simple images. illustrated in the movie.
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This may make some viewers feel sleepy while watching the movie, but for younger audiences, the children can fully understand the content without the help of parents to explain the situation. situations in movies.

Throughout the film, the mischievous Shaun and Lu-la have many miracles that give the audience a lot of interesting laughter. The very simple actions of both like entering the supermarket shopping, controlling the spacecraft, ordering food on the spacecraft ... are enough to make the audience laugh out loud; especially Shaun's wobbly face and wicked laughter made the audience feel it deserved to be trapped in a tiny sheep pen, prohibited from doing any entertainment on the farm.

Although the script is simple, it also brings many meaningful messages to the audience. From trying to help a stranger back to his family, to inspiring the "dog butler" dog and the moment his friend's eyes filled with tears when they had to split up. These small silences do not make the atmosphere in the theater coincide, instead bring beautiful emotions to the audience when the movie ends.

Sound, images and effects
Aardman is one of the few animation studios still pursuing clay doll animation that holds thousands of movies using modern 3D technology. Therefore, the film is not as sparkling as many other works have been released in theaters, but it brings a feeling of closeness and authenticity to the audience.The characters and the context in the film are quite simple, but it's undeniable that the characters are very lovely and lively.

The movement of the characters is very smooth and soulful, helping to push the emotions of the audience to the climax better.The sound of the movie is also handled well when taking advantage of the sound system in the theater. The dubbing in the film is small but sufficient to build funny and interesting situations in the film.A Shaun The Sheep 2: Alien friend is an interesting animated film, worthy of parents to take time to take the baby to the theater for fun after a busy week of work

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